Friday, March 31, 2006

Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

Welcome Crafted Poetry participants to our very first poetry discussion. So from April 1 to April 15th we will be discussing Goblin Market Christina Rossetti. The Victorian Website is a wonderful resource to browse and it has many great links about Rossetti and her poems. Here are a couple I found useful...

The Life of Rossetti
Rossetti Literary Career
Themes in Rossetti

Some questions I would like to pose to the group to get us going are...

What do you make of the goblins in the poem? What significance do they have? Why Goblins?

How do you feel about the way Rossetti handled gender? How do you feel about the relationship between the sisters?

I have seen others compare Rossetti to Dickinson and Austen, do you think the comparison is fair?

What do you make of the fruit in the poem?

What do you think of Rossetti overall? Do you like? Dislike her?

Are there any other poets or poems that remind you of Goblin Market? If so why?

Does this poem make you feel crafty?

Here are some additional poems from Rossetti available for free online...
An Apple Gathering
The Woodspurge
Up Hill

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What do you think?

I'm starting to read and make notes about Jane Hirshfield, and I came across these lines in her poem, "Mathematics":

Does a poem enlarge the world,
or only our idea of the world?

I posted some ideas on my blog -- I'd love to read other opinions...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Collection hooked you?

I was reading the March/April edition of Pages and there was an article listed 6 collections of poetry that would make anyone love poetry. Now I am in no way a poetry buff but out of the six I can honestly say I have only heard of one of the poets and actually read his work...Allen Ginsberg and his collection Howl and other poems. Now I read a couple of his poems a couple of years ago and was in no way taken by him. So it got me to thinking, what actually got me hooked on poetry.

I am not sure, how about you...


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Do you write?

If so what is your inspiration? I often times find that simple things like rocks can offer inspiration for poetry. And there is of course quotations and other poems and prose. Although I have to admit that I am not really a writer but I do enjoy playing around everynow and then.

So what do you use for inspiration...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jane Hirshfield in June

Since no one else (so far) is doing a whole book of poems, I decided to use only poems by Jane Hirshfield that are available online or in databases that I can access.I'll post links to the poems soon, both here and on my blog.

If anyone wants to visit me, I already have a comprehensive post over there that can get you started if you'd like to learn about this wonderful poet.

Hi and thanks for the invite..

Just so I am clear on things...which two weeks of the month are we going to discuss a particular poet/poems, the first two weeks? Also, since a member will chose for the month, can we choose two different poems (same poet) for each week? By when do we need to post our selesctions (being that Nov. and Dec. -the avail months- are some time away? Is there anything else I need to know that I may not be asking...any additional info. is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the invite.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My May Poem(s) Decision

Okay I have made the decision on my choices of Poems for May. Since two weeks is to be the shared poem(s), I thought I'd choose two poems by two differant authors.

Edgar Allen Poe's "THE RAVEN". It is widely available, easy to find, and can be located free online and printed from the site bellow:
Just scroll down untill you see it listed, clic, and it takes you to a simple printable copy of the Poem.I know it's an oldie, but it is also a goodie.

Maya Angelou's "Inauguration Poem". It is also available online in a printable form for free. It is also available at:
It's the first poem listed. Again just the linc and you will be taken to a printable copy of the poem.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ode to Hatered of Autos

I hate cars atleast I think I do
They're alot of trouble and money too

My luck with autos ain't so good
I tend to get the lemons under the hood

First was a van that was a pain
Until it burst and burnt up in flames

Now it's an LTD that's a rock
We think it might just have a cracked block

It's likely no computer, camera, or printer for me
Probably a newer car that's in great need

So I hate autos, atleast I think I do
I hate autos, now how about you?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thanks and some ?'s

I want to thank the blog mom, ttbookjunkie, for setting up this blog. I also would like to thank her for allowing me to join. I have neglected my poetry writing for far too long, and this was just the creative spark that I needed!

I did have a question, tho. When we choose our poetry for the month, does it need to be available online? online for free? at the public library? I want to be selective when I choose for May, but would like to know what the parameters are. If we are to put it up on the blog, do we need to be concerned about copyrights? I know I am being a bugger, but I do wish to do a good job so would like to know.

Monthly Poetry Schedule...

April: Amanda Goblin Market

May: Jan Poe "The Raven" Angelou "Inauguration Poem"

June: Melanie Given Sugar, Given Salt - a collection - by Jane Hirshfield

July: Nancy

August: Jenni Gerard Manly Hopkins

September: Zee

October: Lisa Here by Grace Paley

November: Still Available

December: Paula -Robert Frost and Emmett Moore

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Do you love poetry? Are you looking for a group of people to close read poetry with? You have come to the right place. The idea of this group will be to each month have a member lead the group through a poem or collection of poetry of their choice. We will use this blog to talk about the poets life, a close reading of the poem or a collection of poetry two weeks of the month. The rest of the month members are encouraged to share their poetry, other poems they like that might relate to the poem or collection of poetry we close read for the group, and here is the twist if you craft and a poem or collection of poetry has inspired you to certain project post all about it here. All crafts are welcome and those you just want to discuss poetry are welcome.

To join please send an email with JOIN CRAFTED POETRY in the subject line to Amanda via ttbookjunkie at yahoo dot com. You will be sent an invitation from blogger to become a contributor to the blog. Also in this email please sign up for a month you would like to pick the poetry for... we will begin in April (National Poetry Month).

Thank you and welcome to Crafted Poetry!