Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Do you love poetry? Are you looking for a group of people to close read poetry with? You have come to the right place. The idea of this group will be to each month have a member lead the group through a poem or collection of poetry of their choice. We will use this blog to talk about the poets life, a close reading of the poem or a collection of poetry two weeks of the month. The rest of the month members are encouraged to share their poetry, other poems they like that might relate to the poem or collection of poetry we close read for the group, and here is the twist if you craft and a poem or collection of poetry has inspired you to certain project post all about it here. All crafts are welcome and those you just want to discuss poetry are welcome.

To join please send an email with JOIN CRAFTED POETRY in the subject line to Amanda via ttbookjunkie at yahoo dot com. You will be sent an invitation from blogger to become a contributor to the blog. Also in this email please sign up for a month you would like to pick the poetry for... we will begin in April (National Poetry Month).

Thank you and welcome to Crafted Poetry!


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